Owner Christine Diaz is a Certified Pilates Instructor specializing in intense physical fitness. Former Marine, triathlete and marathoner, Christine understands rehabilitation and the need for the body to heal using movement. In addition Christine can challenge the advanced athlete to excel in any sport by focusing on flexibility and core strength offered only through Pilates.

Strengthen. Tone. Transform. Vicky Messina has 35 years of ballet and 10 years of teaching Pilates. Vicky has created a high energy, full body Pilates and barre routine combined with loads of fun and great music! Her enthusiasm is inspiring. Vicky's format is designed to burn fat and calories by combining components of ballet barre work, Pilates and strength training. Vicky's style of raising and lowering the hearty rate means that you get faster results. Great posture and a strong core will make every day activities effortless.

Daphne Delvaux is an enthusiastic and experienced Pilates and barre instructor. A European native, she has danced and taught Pilates in Belgium, France and Holland. She has practiced ballet for over twenty years, and has been teaching Pilates for six years. Daphne enjoys teaching Pilates/barre fusion classes because it is a perfect combination of dance cardio, strengthening of Pilates and stretching of yoga. Let’s tone that booty with some sassy tunes. You will not be disappointed!

Samantha Kurland has been attending UCSD since 2012 majoring in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Her love of pilates began over a year ago. When Die-Hard opened in April 2013, she was one of the first students through the door. Sam saw the potential of the studio and knew right then she wanted to be a Certified Pilates Instructor. Sam began her teacher training in May 2013 and has studied under the owner Christine Diaz. She now has the privilege to study closely along side Kate Medley and Vicky Messina. Sam will be teaching full time by Feb 2014. She’s a real gem and the first Die-Hard Certified Teacher. A true Die-Hard dedicated soul.